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Hampton Roads Moms Shining Light Spotlight

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Hampton Roads Moms Shining Light

Mom Monday Spotlight with Shining Light

As a mom, I try to be very conscious about what my family puts on or in their body.  However, it can sometimes be a challenge when it comes to things such as deodorant!  I know, who thought deodorant could present a shopping challenge?

But the more I learn about the ingredients used in my favorite day to day products, the more I try to “do better” by my family.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I was perusing Whole Foods one day and came across a deodorant that is not only mindfully made, but created by local Hampton Roads Moms!

Kristi and Sara of Shining Light Natural Deodorant are two health conscious moms who have formulated the perfect kid-friendly deodorant that is free from all those harmful chemicals that we strive to keep away from our children.

We’re so excited to share more about Kristi and Sara and Shining Light with you in this weeks Mom Monday Spotlight!

What can you tell moms who are unfamiliar with Shining Light about your company?

We are an all natural deodorant company that is different from all the others out there because our deodorant was designed and works for the entire family.

Little stinkers and big stinkers alike can wear Shining Light Deodorant and go about their day smelling great. Our packaging is bright and cheerful, and appeals to all ages.

We believe in promoting positivity and making a difference in the lives of others. People, especially kids should not have to feel ashamed about having body odor and needing deodorant. Our deodorant is beautiful, happy and fun!
Shining Light
How did you and your business partner, Kristi, get into making deodorant?

Kristi made the switch after doing her first clean eating challenge at her crossfit gym.  She was amazed to see how her own body reacted to “junk”.  She fixed issues her doctor wanted to send her to a gastroenterologist for.  

After she fixed her body, she started to doubt the ingredients she was using on her skin.  She read articles from several different sources.  Kristi talked to her medical friends as well as her more natural friends.  She wanted to get a balanced opinion.

Kristi decided that even though some experts say that the aluminum molecules are too large to enter the skin, it didn’t answer the question of how do the toxins get out of your body.

We sweat to get the toxins out, so it made sense to Kristi that sweating was completely natural.  She started making her own  deodorant because she couldn’t find an option at the time that didn’t make her stink!  She refused to go back to using aluminum since there didn’t seem to be another anit-stink option.  She was tenacious enough to keep trying and working to find a solution that worked for her.

As for me, my oldest son came home from lacrosse practice one day and I could not stand next to him without having to hold my nose. I had to come to terms with the fact that my sweet boy needed deodorant. I knew that my super healthy friend Kristi made her own deodorant, and I asked her for a stick.  I loved it right away. There was a true need for a healthy deodorant marketed for kids, teens and adults. Kristi’s awesome formula fit that need. That was the start of Shining Light Deodorant, created my two neurotic moms who love their families.
What benefits would my children get from using a deodorant that is free from aluminum, parabens and other yucky ingredients that are found in most deodorants?

Kids should definitely avoid using aluminum.  We know too much now about these questionable ingredients.  Their bodies are free from aluminum, so why add it in when they begin to stink?

It makes sense to use a natural deodorant since it solves the problem just as well.  Your body works better naturally, let’s not mess with nature.  Kids won’t have to detox since it’s the use of aluminum that changes our bodies slowly over time.
Before my children or I start using Shining Light, what is the best way to rid our bodies of the toxins that could counteract your deodorant?

Everyone seems to have a different story based on their own unique lifestyle and body chemistry.

Kristi just went cold turkey and didn’t use anything for a few weeks.  This was mostly because she couldn’t find anything locally that worked.

Toxins from years of antiperspirant use start to come out and can irritate your skin.  This can also make you smellier than normal and also sweat more than normal.

Before Kristi found this formula, she was always apologizing to her gym friends and her tennis partner because she smelled so rancid!

Due to the excess sweat, a rash can develop.  Don’t be alarmed and tell everyone natural deodorant doesn’t work.  You just need to let your body adjust.

Sweating is actually really good for your detox.  Get all those toxins out!  This can take a few days to a few weeks, so be patient.

Some people say they are allergic to baking soda.  That usually means they are sweating more and they are getting a rash, but the rash usually isn’t caused by baking soda, it’s caused by friction.  Baking soda is alkaline and since everyone has a different pH, it will affect each person differently.

For those that really suffer, some have found that before they put on deodorant, give a spritz of apple cider vinegar and distilled water to your underarms and the rash will go away.  (1 TB ACV to 1 cup distilled water).

It’s important to note the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant: Aluminum, which is found in antiperspirant, interrupts your sweat glands so it can’t do its job.  Most people prefer NOT to sweat which is why they love this idea.  In reality, you need to sweat.
Did your family get involved in the creation of Shining Light?

Yes! Our kids are at the heart of our business. They helped design all of the packaging and came up with our amazing scent names.

We actually gave each kid a notebook and asked them to come up with some scent names and that is exactly what they did.  Only a 10 year old boy would come up with something as awesome and brilliant as “Sick Nasty Defense”.

It is important for us that our children see their mothers making a positive difference in the lives of others, as well as working hard to grow a business. Our families motivate us to be the best we can be as well as push us to dream big, aim high, and go for it.
What different scents does Shining Light offer?

We offer five different scents. Flower Power is our floral scent. Sunshine is our citrus scent. Sick Nasty Defense is our fresh scent. Magical is out lavender scent and Rock Tough is unscented.
Which deodorant is your personal favorite and why?

My favorite deodorant is Rock Tough. It is our unscented version and I love the simplicity of it.

It only contains the necessary ingredients to make it work. The other scents are amazing and equally safe and effective. I enjoy putting Flower Power on my feet in the evening after a shower. It keeps them soft and smelling great.
Where can Hampton Roads Moms stock up on Shining Light?

We are offered in a variety of locations in Hampton Roads and the list is always growing. We are also available for purchase online We were just added to the Newport News Whole Foods last Month and are also sold in the Virginia Beach Whole Foods. For the most up to date list go to
How did you get your product into stores?

I LOVE this question. I literally googled “How to get your product into stores”. There was not one answer, however a common theme was to meet with the person in charge of buying for the store with product in hand to give them to try.

If you have a great product, meet with enough people, and refuse to give up you will succeed!! We also  hire sales representatives who wear and love our deodorant.
What has been your favorite business success so far?

Honestly, I can tell you that if one person switches to a natural deodorant as a result of our business, or a Mom decides to start her kids off using natural deodorant because of us I consider that the greatest success.

I am even happy if they choose one other than Shining Light, as long as it does not contain aluminum and other toxic chemicals.
On Being a Mom:
As a mom, who or what inspires you?

All the other moms, dads and people out there who believe in making a positive difference in the lives of others. Even if it is just smiling at a stranger, or making someones day easier in the smallest of ways.

The little things inspire me as a mom. The smallest of things can have the largest impact.
Favorite kid snack that you secretly enjoy?

I am known to destroy watermelon we cut up for “the kids”.  It’s just too good on these hot Summer days!
What is your favorite show to binge watch?

I loved Big Little Lies with Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman. Can’t wait for the next season.
Other than Shining Light, what is your favorite natural product for your kids?

We LOVE any soaps by The Aroma Therapy Shoppe. They are also a local company and their soaps are perfection!
What advice do you have for moms who are looking to start their own business?

You can do it!!!! Even if it seems impossible, it’s not. If you get knocked down (we have), get back up and LET YOUR KIDS SEE YOU FALL AND GET BACK UP.

Be an example of what hard work and believing in yourself can accomplish. Before we started our deodorant business my oldest son ( he was eight at the time) said to me : “Mom, you always talk about doing something cool. Are you going to keep talking or are you going to do the cool thing”? I like to think I am totally doing the cool thing!