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Bella Loves Smiley Pits Deodorant
Written by Emily McCaul

When it comes to deodorant, consumers know there are a lot of options. Shelves upon shelves of "24-hour protection" and "ultimate freshness" seem to materialize right before the Health and Beauty aisles-but how do deodorants for kids and tweens compare?

Kristi Joynt and Sara Salter, mindful mothers and creators of Smiley Pits Deodorant, quickly found that there weren't a lot of choices for the youthful age ranges. Based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Salter and Joynt decided to build their own kids' deodorant-one that was affordable, all-naturaL and appealing to the kids as well.

Their motto? "We turn smelly into smiley."

The women, with the help of their children, collaborated to create five fresh scents: Flower Power, MagicaL Rock Tough. Sick Nasty Defense, and Sunshine. Each stick of 3-ounce deodorant costs just $9.99, and is available for individual and wholesale order through the Smiley Pits website.

The deodorants consist of five base ingredients: arrowroot powder, baking soda, organic coconut oil, beeswax, and tea tree oil. The scents, composed with the interlacing of natural ingredients such as lavender, jasmine. lime, rosemary, geranium, eucalyptus, and orange, offer consumers an allnatural alternative to the limited. synthetic products currently on the shelves.

What are the benefits to this intentional design? There are no traces of aluminum, GMOs, parabens, gluten, or toxic chemicals used in any of the products! This constitutes a smoother, softer, more effective product, perfect for the sensitive skin of kids and tweens.

If customers choose to order three or more sticks online through the official Smiley Pits website, shipping is free. For additional information on Smiley Pits, or to place your order, visit