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About us


Shining Light is on its way to making the world a less stinky place, one person at a time by providing an all natural deodorant the entire family can feel great about.

Kristi is a health conscientious mom, who enjoys making deodorant for her family.  One day, she shared her product with good friend and fellow mom, Sara.

Sara loved it right away and began using it with her 9 year old lacrosse-playing odoriferous son.  That's when the the light bulb went off for these ladies: We need to make deodorant for kids.  That was the start of Shining Light, created by two neurotic moms who love their children.

Sara & Kristi believe in the best for their kids, and know that as their sweet babies get older, they get smelly!  We're talking, gross, yucky, disgusting smelly. They did their research and saw that there aren't many deodorants specifically for kids.  Not liking what main stream deodorants offered (ie: synthetic materials, aluminum, parabens, phthalates, toxins, etc.), they came up with the perfect formula.

Shining Light is a family affair and their kids’ input is at the heart of it. The kids helped design the snazzy packaging and the cool scent names were all thought up by the cute little stinkers.  Sara’s oldest son is very proud of his “sick nasty defense” scent and Kristi’s daughter loves her “rock tough” scent.  Shining Light has five very unique scents to choose from, and all of them are safe and effective.

Sara and Kristi like to say that they turn smelly into smiley.  It’s hard not to smile when you know you are making the world a less stinky place one person at a time. Sara & Kristi look forward to helping other moms and dads who want a deodorant that their entire family can feel good about wearing.
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